Les feux de signalisation se féminisent en Autralie!

Une superbe initiative Autralienne qui célèbre la Journée internationale des femmes en transformant Melbourne et ses feux de signalisation.

En savoir plus avec l’article ci-dessous de Mashable.com

As Beyoncé once famously said, girls run the world — and now they’ll be running traffic too.

Melbourne will be the first Australian city to have a female on a street pedestrian signal, all in honour of International Women’s Day.

It’ll replace the regular red and green man on a soon-to-be constructed set of signals on Bridge Road and Bosisto Street in the suburb of Richmond. This silhouette isn’t just any regular woman, this happens to be Mary Rogers, the first female elected to local government in the state of Victoria and the second in Australia.

“Mary Rogers was a Richmond Councillor for almost five years in the 1920s, and she led ground breaking progress in the areas of welfare, education and family issues, initiating the very first community maternal and child health services in Victoria,” City of Yarra Mayor, Roberto Colanzi, said in a statement emailed to Mashable Australia.

The pedestrian lights will be unveiled in May and be in place for a 12 month commemorative period. We are not sure why they plan to change it back to a man.

Who run this mother?

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