In Russia, International Women’s Day means flowers and flattery

Russians mark March 8 with national holiday and a full-blown celebration of women of all ages

Article en anglais par CBC News World

Many countries around the world mark International Women’s Day with marches highlighting serious societal issues such as equal rights, wage parity or violence against women, but few can match Russia when it comes to truly feting the female population.

As in many post-Soviet countries, the day is a national holiday in Russia and a full-blown celebration of women of all ages, complete with flowers, candy and a special message from the president.

“Dear women, you possess a mysterious power. You keep up with everything, juggle a myriad of tasks and yet remain tender, unforgettable and full of charm,” Vladimir Putin said in a national television address Monday night.

“It is women, with their dignity and compassion, incarnate Russia’s true soul. … We love you.”

CBC’s Susan Ormiston stopped in at a flower market in Moscow earlier Tuesday as local men scrambled to pick up their Women’s Day bouquets.

Watch the video on CBC News.

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